Glorious Romance Album

Get a hold of SCWC’s second album! Inspired by the Grace of Our Lord Jesus and His Grace for all, the CD is focused on the Romance of Christ to His bride, the Church. We believe that the words in these songs will impart the righteousness and Truth into our everyday lives!

The album release concert was big success. The event, which started at 7pm at UNSW Roundhouse, was packed to the Rafters ! The concert was supported by local churches, public media and communities. It is another milestone and the best is yet to come!

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Song list:

Track Title Lyric
1 Glorious Romance lyric
2 Only Jesus lyric
3 Emmanuel lyric
4 Jesus Oh Jesus lyric
5 I Believe lyric
6 I See You lyric
7 How You Love lyric
8 Love Revolution lyric

One Heart – SCWC Music Album

SCWC’s first album One Heart was released in March 2009. The album features a fresh variety of lively praise and intimate worship. Our prayer is that these songs would help you connect with God and worship him deeply in spirit and in truth.

One Heart, comprising 10 tracks, with English and Indonesian songs, is selling at Koorong in Australia and Maranatha stores in Indonesia.

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Song list:

Track Title Lyric
1 My Everything lyric
2 Sahabat Setia lyric
3 Let Me Find You lyric
4 Pulihkanku lyric
5 Kekasih Sejati lyric
6 Satu Hati (One Heart) lyric
7 Be My Life lyric
8 Oleh BilurMu lyric
9 To Worship You lyric
10 Kaulah Allahku lyric





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